The Benefits of ERP for the Aged Care Industry

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The Benefits of ERP for the Aged Care Industry
Asha Jamwal
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Support for elderly adults in their own homes or a nursing facility is referred to as aged care. Residential aged care facilities and nursing homes are other names for aged care homes. They are intended for older people who can no longer live independently and require continuing assistance with their healthcare and daily routines. It can involve assistance with daily activities, health care, lodging, and equipment such as walking frames and ramps. Aged care services financed by the government are offered to those who qualify. 

Aged care Industry in Australia

In Australia, the elderly care business is undergoing significant changes. The clock is ticking, and clients expect a quick response. The Australian government is increasingly promoting the concept of consumer-directed care. The aged care facilities need to cope with this situation and manage multiple activities and services for their residents and staff. They require software that helps them to manage bookings and also incorporates the following operational requirements such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting & Financial Management, Client Management Event Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Electronic documents & care authority permissions tracking, Web-based client self-service, Web-based service provider self-service. 

To operate the business efficiently and to handle the whole operation, the aged care industry needs software systems that can be a part of their process and can manage a wide range of business processes. Sometimes changes inside the company are intended to change the ways in which extra care is provided while also lowering the total cost of the business. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software application that automates corporate processes and gives insights and internal controls, based on a central database that collects data from departments such as accounting, supply chain, sales, marketing, and human resources (HR). 

Available Solutions

In the last few years, the elderly care business has seen remarkable developments and technical advancements. Among all the technological developments, the introduction of aged care software systems stands out. There are suppliers in Australia who provide eldercare software (ERP) that assists workers in increasing productivity in a timely manner. The finest ERP software is the one that you'll use the most, and that can help you increase staff productivity, streamline operations, and improve reporting accuracy. With so many excellent ERP systems on the market, there is bound to be one that is a perfect fit for your company. Some of the available EPR systems for the aged care industry are Epicor Care, HDS (Hospitality Dietary Solutions), iCareHealth,  Autumn Care, Invera and many more. But they all have certain limitations. Odoo ERP can overcome these issues.  

Odoo for Aged Care

Odoo is one of the most used and trusted ERP software in today's market. Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that includes many business modules to fulfil various corporate needs. Odoo ERP is an all-in-one business application suite.  Odoo is one of the most used and trusted ERP software in today's market. Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that includes many business modules to fulfil various corporate needs. Odoo ERP is an all-in-one business application suite. 

The benefits of Odoo

Odoo helps organisations smooth their business process by providing them with some excellent features. Without considerable rewriting of code or modifications to its basic architecture, Odoo supports and accepts significant expansion of its capabilities. In addition, Odoo provides base ERP without any licensing fee. Odoo's is open-source and this helps organisations use the code of the ERP system and customise it according to their organisational needs.   

 As the needs of every industry are different from each other. Odoo provides some basic core modules, and these can also be modified as per client requirements. Integration of any software is essential and Odoo is very easy to implement. Odoo is very user friendly, and it is easy to understand. They also provide proper guide documents and videos as well. You can find basic modules and if you want, you can also create new modules as per organisation needs, which is another essential feature of Odoo.  

You can use Odoo studio to create your custom business flow if you want to. This facilitates the addition, removal, and modification of system screens. Studio aids in the creation of fantastic reports. Every organisation wants a secure platform to operate their business. Odoo ensures that data is accurate, consistent, and secure. As a result, Odoo safeguards all confidential corporate information.

How Odoo can automate aged care

Aged care facilities can use Odoo to operate their business. Odoo is a perfect fit for the aged care industry, and it can handle all the business operations.
Odoo CRM app will help aged care organisations to manage their relationship with customers. It will also help them manage their sales, and organisations can use the Sales app. These apps can be used on computers, iPads and Android tablets. The Odoo system allows the client to incorporate specific customisations. For example, aged care needs data centralisation (emails and client records) to avoid misunderstandings. Odoo provides an HR app that will help managers to manage the staff. It helps in managing timesheets, employees' records, recruitment. In addition, Odoo makes it easy to allocate responsibilities. Accounting modules help you to manage payments to staff and vendors. This allows you to spend less time on the accounting process and more time on your primary activities. Odoo provides an inventory & MRP app to handle the stocks and purchase orders efficiently. In addition, its project app will help nursing homes to manage different centres under one platform. This app makes sure that your project is on the right track. Odoo can help them manage the calls and manage their bookings and services to be delivered directly within the system. This allows staff to focus on more proactive activities, such as following up with clients that have a budget for services and have not requested or booked them.


In summary, the implementation of Odoo will help aged care to Report that is better, more timely, and less manual. It is easy to implement Odoo and migrate the old data from your old system. Odoo is affordable, and you don't need a high budget. You can quickly adapt and manage significant corporate requirements with Odoo. Odoo is a cost-effective ERP solution; Odoo ERP is simple to set up and promptly meets your needs. It also gives managers a better view of what their employees are up to. Workflow monitoring allows you to identify bottlenecks in service delivery. Other advantages of using Odoo include decreased administrative costs and improved client satisfaction and interaction.

Asha Jamwal, Business Analyst

Asha is an IT business analyst at High Tech Masterminds assisting on implementation of Odoo for customers in the aged care industry.

She holds a master’s degree in enterprise systems and Business Analytics in Australia. Prior to this, She had over 5 years of experience as a business development officer and HR assistant and was familiar with core business processes including HR, Timesheet systems.

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The Benefits of ERP for the Aged Care Industry
Asha Jamwal March 7, 2022
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