Empower Your Students to Transform Ideas into Intellectual Property and Startups.

Join our online accelerator program and provide your students with the resources, mentorship, and guidance to bring their innovative projects to life.

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Why Partner with High Tech Masterminds?

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Enhance Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Strengthen your university's reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting students in turning their ideas into valuable intellectual property or startups.

Access Industry Experts and Visiting Professors

Provide your students with guidance from experienced industry professionals and visiting professors, like Dr. Mohammad Motahar, who can help them develop market-ready products from their research

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Foster Collaboration and Networking

Create opportunities for your students to connect with mentors, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs, building a strong network for their future success.

How it works

Our Collaboration Process


Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


Appoint one of our PhD Scientists as your   Visiting Professor and Industry Mentor


Nominate your Talented Master ,PhD or Postdoc Candidates 


We guide your students Through the Online Accelerator


Develop Intellectual Property or Launch Startups

Engagement models

Revenue Sharing Agreements

An agreement with no direct cost for universities. IP ownership is shared between High Tech Masterminds and participating universities. This model offers mentorship for nominated Master's and PhD students, guiding them to create valuable intellectual property or startups.

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Platform & Program Fee

Tailored to your university's needs, with fees varying based on the number of students enrolled in the program. High Tech Masterminds does not share in the IP. Program includes mentorship for nominated Master's and PhD students to guide them through their projects.

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Empower Your Students' Innovation