Supply Chain Planning Platform for Retailers

  • Save 90% time spent on forecasting, planning, and ordering

  • Achieve 99% inventory availability

  • 1-5 percentage points margin improvement

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What is GMDH Streamline?

GMDH Streamline is a desktop application for demand forecasting and inventory replenishment planning. The robust time-series decomposition approach we employ allows us to create a highly accurate statistical forecast that provides a solid basis for further demand planning processes. Streamline effectively incorporates modern planning technologies and strategies with inventory optimization tools and provides crucial and timely information for decision-making.

Maintain High Availability

Keep shelves full by taking into account your planograms and the forecast.

Streamline uses a proprietary AI, so it only apply time series forecasting techniques, predictors, and level changes if AI says it’s appropriate to apply – just like if you are keeping an eye on every SKU every day.

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Increase Inventory Turnover

Keep reasonably low inventory levels while providing the highest possible service level.

Streamline warns you about excess or lack of inventory by highlighting these items in the inventory report. It also calculates the turnover of each item and gives the trend in the future based on the forecast.

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Automate Replenishment Planning

Streamline automatically generates the replenishment suggestions and creates the order plan.

The software calculates and provides your purchasing system with an optimized order proposal. A reorder point, a minimum level, and a maximum level are also available for compatibility with MRP systems.

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Multi-Echelon Planning

Plan replenishment for a system of warehouses mixing distribution center function and direct supply in all combinations.

Ordering Days

Send purchase orders to your suppliers on the right day of the week.

Optimal Inventory Levels

Avoid unnecessary overstock while ensuring you have sufficient levels of inventory to cover future demand on time.

Keep Safety Stocks Higher

Streamline can account for calendar events like holidays and day-offs as well as promo events easily.

Minimum Display Quantities

Keep your replenishment plan aligned with planograms.

Automatic Demand Forecasting

Forecasting seasonal products, new products, holidays and promotions, as well as price elasticity.

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