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What is NPD ?

Oxford dictionary of business and management defines NPD as follow: 

"In business and engineering, new product development (NPD) covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market. A central aspect of NPD is product design, along with various business considerations. New product development is described broadly as the transformation of a market opportunity into a product available for sale" 

Why it matters ?

Product failures are expensive. And they’re common. Even the largest, most famous companies fall short sometimes when bringing new products to market. Nobody needs these failures, but what choice is there? Few companies succeed in the long term if they don’t continually reinvent their offerings.

The good news is that many of the problems underlying failure are preventable. The economic attractiveness of new (and existing) products can reveal itself via thorough examination of market, channel and customer behaviours. Add an understanding of competitive action, cost dynamics and internal capabilities to the mix and you’re looking at untapped opportunities for new product concepts.

Why High Tech Masterminds ?

There is no time for try and error. You want to reduce the costs from fewer product failures and therefore you need to work with a group of consultants who have proven track record of developing and delivering products that helped teams from 17 different countries to experience growth.  

It's not about what technology can provide....  You need to work with a team who understands that the main focus is to increase the revenue from capturing new opportunities in the market. Opportunity should be analysed carefully to be able to develop a product that can fill the gap in the market and you need to work with a product development team that is not looking to showcase their development skills but is ready to listen to and understand opportunities and how to fill the gap. 

It is all about opportunities and the best time to hit the market . Our focus is to ensure that we can work together with you to develop the final product as fast as we can. That does not necessarily requires more developers to work overnight ! this requires a dedicated team of technology experts who have a great understanding of development tools and technologies to draft the product architecture by utilising existing open source tools and frameworks that can help the rapid development of the product.

Where am I standing ? 

16 years is passed since I presented my first IT invention at Swiss international invention and competition fair in Geneva Switzerland. Since then I have been working on many NPD activities for clients in Europe, Asia and Australia. Today I can summarise it all to show you where I am standing when I look into your new product development idea.

Product development not only requires someone who is versatile in using various tools frameworks and advanced technologies, but someone who understands real business needs. Someone who doesn't think that a technologically advanced system can necessarily address a business need better than others. In addition to that, The best ever solution addressing the problem and is perfectly engineered may be a total failure if you underestimate your "Users" and what they experience when using the system. 

We Understand Business Needs

We understand that a technologically advanced system does NOT necessarily address a business need better than others. We  bring a customer-centric lens to the development of our solutions.  It is interesting that we often have many happy clients coming to us explaining the pain they had gone through with other companies and below simply explains that.  

Does above sound familiar ? Don't worry, You will experience the difference from the very first consulting session with us that I bring a customer-centric lens to the development of new offerings. As part of this service, I can:

  • Understand customer needs — both met and unmet — from your own product offerings plus those of your competitors in order to identify new opportunities

  • Uncover new product opportunities within markets, consumer segments and distribution channels

  • Establish a process for seizing new product opportunities

  • Explain the business case for developing a new product

  • Develop and test new product concepts, including formats and pricing

  • Project sales, profits and market penetration under a variety of scenarios

  • Build go-to-market product launch plans

  • Identify ways to commercialize the data you collect

  • Identify other ancillary revenue strategies 

  • Retool product and service portfolios, including areas where existing products need to be repositioned or rationalized

  • Assess the effectiveness of your product development process

  • Look for opportunities to reduce development time and costs

  • Create an innovation capability within your organisation

We Understand Technology

From concept to architecture, Engineering the product using the combination of the best technologies in the market is what we do best. It is in our DNA to engineer it by knowing a great range of technology stacks that are hot in the market.

If you have ideas about the next Uber, Be sure you share it with a team who can understand the complex technology stacks beyond a simplified user interface.  Uber and other successful apps are powered by such a complicated architecture with sometimes hundreds of services that work together to make the magic happen.

Below is borrowed from the Uber Technical blog. Uber heatmap that shows the density of vehicles driving passengers. This is called and is just one of the tools they designed to simplify high-performance, WebGL-based visualisation of large data sets.

This is just an example, There are many other tools like Storm and Spark that can crunch data steams into metrics that can be useful to track and visualize in Uber Platform. The point is that If your software architect doesn’t know what they are and how they play their key role in the overall system architectures in Uber like platforms then he might not be competent to be your technology partner to build the next Uber !  

Selecting the right combination of technologies during your new product development is crucial to ensure that the final product can scale up and allows you as the product owner to introduce new features or expand it to larger markets without worrying about the underlying layers.  This is one of the common mistakes that many companies even the larger ones sometimes make. Changing the technology stack and platform after going live with your app if it is not impossible but very expensive, time consuming and a complicated task. 

An elegant solution architecture from the day one design is simple but yet powerful enough to let you focus on your product features and add more weight to the system without worrying about the architecture. Technology should NOT drive the business but it is you idea that should drive the vision of your product and technology should be the tool to support your product idea and it's growth. 

our unique value proposition
in new Product Development

Scalability Analysis

Products are designed for growth helping you scale up as quickly as possible 

MVP First 

We don't over complicate it at the beginning and focus on early release to get feedback

Cloud Computing Ready

We are familiar with cloud service providers and understand the way to keep the cost down by leveraging latest cloud technologies for your new product 

Use of Open Source Tools

Whenever possible we utilise existing opensource tools and frameworks to speedup 

Compatibility Analysis 

We make sure that the underlying layers of the technology stack are supported by industry providers during the projected lifespan of the product version 

Your Team or Our Team 

Our mission is to make sure you will succeed in your new product launch. We can support you during post launch or train your product development manager.  

Your Key Benefits from this service

Reduced Cost

Reduced costs from fewer product failures

Increased revenues

Increased revenues from capturing new opportunities

Faster time to market

Faster time to market due to a more streamlined innovation and product development process

See examples of my contributions

CloudSuite, intelligent commerce platform for B2B and B2C

I was appointed to work for more that three years as Product Development Manager of a Dutch company named Cloudsuite.  We have given the opportunity to develop a completely new product from scratch. I am happy to became part of this great team from the beginning. Company started from a small office in 2010 with only five team members and today they have more than 50 employees and are very successful in the European market. 

GNU Health, Award winning free software in healthcare

I was appointed by United Nations University to design and develop a new service for implementation of a free and open source health and hospital information system named GNU Health. For more than three years I worked as a consultant to analyse GNU Health system and to develop a new implementation strategy based on the real needs from hospitals in developing countries. The result of this work was presented in various international conferences and published in reputable journals as a successful case study. 

What are you waiting for ? 

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