Odoo Training
for Small to mid sized Business Owners

(Pack your bag) 

reduce the implementation cost up to 90% 
Reduce the maintenance cost up to 95% 
Reduce the Odoo implementation risk up to 60%

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Who should register for this training? 

This is a premium training program designed for small to midsized business owners. You are running a mid-size enterprise planning for expansion of the business OR even a small company/start-up ready to scale up. and you think your systems and processes aren't efficient to support the growth.

Odoo is a great choice to drive your digital transformation. and this training is designed to equip you with all the necessary skills to manage your implementation yourself as the odoo project manager. 

This implementation approach is reducing the risk of your project failure by up to 60% as you don't have to instruct Odoo consultants about every bit and piece of your process. 

Up to 75% of ERP projects Fail!

"Training" is one of the main critical success factors of ERP implementation worldwide and Odoo is not an exception! 

Proper Odoo training can reduce the risk and help you in realising the benefits of the systems.  

Odoo is NOT rocket science! 

The Traditional consulting approach for Odoo projects relies on hiding the configuration and settings and keeping the training at surface level. This approach allows your Odoo consultant to bill you up to 5 times more than the actual cost

We believe that you as a customer have the absolute right to know the blueprints during the training. This way you can 
build your rocket yourself – find out what they want and give it to them.

Busy Schedule?

You don't need to rush

Odoo it yourself,  piece by piece ... 

We have been assisting customers from 14 different countries to implement Odoo themselves. We understand every piece of the puzzle and our modular training programs help you drive your digital transformation. 

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Odoo Success
that Won't cost you a fortune 

Learning how to implement Odoo can reduce your overall project costs by up to 90%. 

Complete a module installation within days, Something that your Odoo partner will charge you for weeks or even months.

Still, Prefer the Traditional Approach?

Fixed Price Proposal

Expensive buffers added for Uncertainty

 The scope that is not really in-depth

vague project expectations 


Time and Material

Consultanting work that seems to be never-ending

Hard to find Ethical Consultants