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We have been working in the area of ERP and Business process automation since 2003.
You will be working with a team of versatile principal consultants who have held various positions over the past 17 years as  

ERP Software Developer
ERP System analyst
ERP Project Manager
ERP Technical Consultant
ERP Researcher
ERP Lecturer
ERP Functional Consultant
ERP Corporate Trainer
Head of ERP


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Odoo is business management software including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management for small and mid size businesses. My ERP Consulting on Odoo is backed by my ten years of industry experience using Odoo in various projects.  

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The market leader in enterprise application software

SAP S/4HANA is SAP's ERP for large enterprises. It is the successor of SAP R/3 and SAP ERP and is optimized for SAP's in-memory database SAP HANA. I am the lecturer of enterprise systems and assist my master students to sit for various SAP certifications and In particular SAP S/4 HANA. 

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Company team

Shima Mostafavi,

Technical Consultant & Team leader

Shima Mostafavi holds a master of Software Engineering from Staffordshire University (UK) and an e-MBA in Business Intelligence. She is familiar with advanced BI reports and dashboards and has experience in developing a wide range of reports using Advanced SQL quarries and various report designer tools for the ERP and Supply Chain Systems including Odoo.

Meet our core team members

Vicente Moreno

Technical Consultant

Vicente holds a bachelor of engineering (major in autonomous and Robotic systems) and has been working as an ERP software developer on Odoo projects. You may find him replying to your tickets if it is related to module development, integration with third-party systems or customisation of IoT in the manufacturing module.

Company team

Seok Yin Lim,

Functional Consultant

Seok Yin is a member of the team and she is assisting clients during the data migrations and to understand the finance and accounting modules. Seok Yin is well-versed in accounts payable and accounts receivable and payroll functions and can assist customers with their quarries related to  financial reconciliations, general ledgers, and regulatory reporting.

Sharon Li,

Senior Consultant

Sharon is an IT business analyst at High Tech Masterminds. She also works on ICT and technical support for bridging the gap between IT and business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations. Sharon holds a bachelor of mathematics from Indiana University United States and a master of IT from the University of Tasmania in Australia.  

Dr Mohammad Motahar,

Principal Consultant / Business Analyst

Mohammad is the principal consultant and business analyst. He is assisting customers to understand their needs. In your projects, you may find him acting as the chief architect to design the solution using various tools and technologies.

Why Odoo? 

From a technical perspective, Odoo has a strong technical foundation, a modern architecture that is truly object-oriented and was evolved from the beginning by the community of open source. You can override almost ANY classes to modify the underlying layers. The odoo enterprise (paid version) itself is following the same rule. It means that it is nothing but a series of modules that transforms the Odoo core modules (free version) into something that not only looks totally different but it extends a lot of core functionality of the system to support complex scenarios. 

From the functional perspective, What a small or midsize business wants is not a complex system with hundreds of features claiming to support advanced workflows out of the box ! and takes years to be implemented! Most SMEs are looking for an ERP package that can quickly be implemented with functionalities to support the automation of their business process instead of making it more complicated. Odoo with a community of thousands of modules (Most of them are free) perfectly fits the bill.

From a business perspective, Odoo truly provides value to the organisation. Odoo provides all core customer relationship modules including Marketing, CRM, and Sales as well as supplier relationship modules like Purchase and warehouse. on top of it, there is a beautiful yet simple and sophisticated accounting module that works like a charm. 

Thanks to its open-source community, there is full transparency of core features and its development that just can't be found in any other competitor's development pipeline. 

SMEs are rapidly changing...  new integrations are needed to internal and external systems, Processes become more matured that require changes in the ERP flow and SMEs are don't want to ring the expensive consultants for all these changes. Odoo allows you to truly become independent by introducing Odoo Studio, A customisation tool that works inside the system and makes it easy to modify the system without the need for consultants.  

Why High Tech Masterminds? 

Helping Aussies Use Odoo for over 6 years

I had been working as a team leader of the ERP department in Ioppolo and associates (I&A), a consulting firm based in Perth and Melbourne. I was the primary contact person to deal with our key customers during the implementation lifecycle, and I was leading the in-house and offshore ERP teams with experience of successful ERP implementation projects in various industries including the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, and services sector across Australia.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Official CTP Trainer of Odoo

I was appointed by Ingenuity Microsystems, The only Certified Training Partner (CTP) of Odoo in 2003 to conduct OpenERP technical and functional training courses for new Odoo partners in South East Asia.

At that time, if you contacted Odoo directly to become a partner they would request you to attend my 5 days technical and 5 days functional course to become Odoo certified at Ingenuity Microsystems, The only CTP partner in South East Asia, or to fly to Odoo India or Odoo Belgium office to attend it there. Therefore I gained experience in providing functional and technical ERP training courses to different audiences ranging from end-users and power users mainly from accounting and finance department of companies to university professors of information systems and technical and functional consultants working for Odoo partners flying from Singapore,  Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia to attend the course. 


Drive Odoo at United Nations University

I had been appointed by United Nations University in Japan as the leading, global experts in the field of open source ERP and business process management (BPM) expert to develop learning materials and to conduct several training courses for groups of power users (health informatics techno-functional consultants from the ministry of health in various developing countries) to assist them in implementation of ERP in their hospitals. I   assisted many talented consultants flying all the way from Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, the Philippines, Cambodia, Tajikistan, Sudan, Kenya, Morocco, and Palau to the training center of United Nations University to attend my workshops.  I also was the mastermind behind Optimist GNU Health, a unique development model that helps layered customisation of Odoo to transform it into a health and hospital information system which has been used during my courses. 

Certified Odoo Consultant For 8 Years.

You will be working with a principal consultant who holds Odoo certification for the past 8 years. I have been working with clients from various industries to use Odoo to automate their business processes and it is essential that I know all ongoing developments and features added to the core framework and modules.

Odoo • Image and Text

Experience Beyond Odoo Customisation!

To many customers, Odoo is a complete suite of packaged applications that can handle complex business processes and it is a complex tool. They have concerns about customisation. However, what makes us unique is that we haven't done just customisation ! We have experience of being involved in developing totally new and amazing products on top of the Odoo framework!  products that have received awards from leading international organisations including United Nations University. This can not be achieved without having a deep knowledge of underlying (core) modules of Odoo which makes us unique compared to almost all other Odoo vendors.

Did I tell you ...?
I have a Ph.D. in ERP too 

I had been studying more than 600 references over the period of 5 years. They included journal papers published in reputable scientific journals, conference papers presented by top ERP experts around the world, and industry white papers published by various ERP vendors together with a number of books and ebooks. 
subjects were related to ERP systems ranging from ERP architecture, ERP development, ERP Evaluation, ERP critical success factors, ERP implementation, and so on. This could help me gain a deeper knowledge of the ERP and how it can truly add value to the business. It helped me to understand ERP beyond the vendor's definition and to design a system that adds value to the organization rather than the ERP vendor.  
Odoo • Text and Image

Teaching ERP at Federation University Australia 

I am the lead lecturer and the tutor of the ITECH 5402 at federation University Australia where I teach ERP systems to my master students. I am working closely with other lecturers to develop case studies and a practice quiz to increase student engagement using various tools and frameworks. 

Currently, we are using SAP S/4 HANA and we are in the process of implementing Odoo educational program not to replace SAP but to include both SAP and Odoo as the ERP tool for students who are studying master of IT in enterprise systems to learn and Odoo as part of the learning experience for students. 

How we can help? 

We can arrange a free discovery session to understand your project objectives. fill out the contact us form using the link below and we can book a meeting to talk about your project. Every project is unique in terms of what you have done so far and what you expect me to do. 

During the meeting, I can get a better understanding of your project objectives and progress and can advise you better about how I can get involved. 

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4. Get Delivered

I start working with you and your team following the terms of the consulting pack using my timesheet/ticketing system.  

Our offers

25 Hours

$ 3375 .00

  • Good for Reviewing a few key issues or a general health check of your Odoo project
  • Remote Only
  • Can include customisation (Only Studio)
  • No support  

50 Hours

$ 6500 .00

  • Good for getting me involved in complex issues or a involvement in your Odoo project
  • Onsite in Sydney * or Remote
  • Can include customisation (studio/module)
  • Access to AMC Helpdesk

100 Hours

$ 12500 .00

  • Good for advanced apps and customisation
  • Onsite In Sydney * or Remote
  • Can Include code review and development
  • Access to AMC Helpdesk   

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