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We have been working in the area of ERP and Business process automation since 2003. You will be working with a team of versatile principal consultants who have held various positions over the past 17 years as:

  • ERP Software Developer

  • ERP System analyst

  • ERP Project Manager

  • ERP Technical Consultant

  • ERP Researcher

  • ERP Lecturer

  • ERP Functional Consultant

  • ERP Corporate Trainer

  • Head of ERP

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Why High Tech Masterminds?

Why Odoo?

Odoo has a strong technical foundation, a  modern architecture  that is truly object-oriented and was evolved from the beginning by the community of open source. You can override almost ANY classes to modify the underlying layers. The  Odoo Enterprise  (paid version) itself is following the same rule. It means that it is nothing but a series of modules that transforms the  Odoo Core Modules  (free version) into something that not only looks totally different but it extends a lot of core functionality of the system to support complex scenarios. 

Functional Perspective

What a small or midsize business wants is  not a complex system  with hundreds of features claiming to support advanced workflows out of the box and takes years to be implemented. Most SMEs are looking for an ERP package that  can quickly be implemented  with functionalities to support the automation of their business process instead of making it more complicated. Odoo with a community of thousands of modules (most of them are FREE) perfectly fits the bill.

Odoo truly provides value to the organisation. Odoo  provides all core customer relationship modules  including Marketing, CRM, and Sales as well as supplier relationship modules like Purchase and warehouse. on top of it, there is a  beautiful yet simple and sophisticated  accounting module that works like a charm. 

Thanks to its open-source community, there is full transparency of core features and its development that just can't be found in any other competitor's development pipeline.

SMEs are rapidly changing... New integrations are needed to internal and external systems. Processes become more matured that require changes in the ERP flow and SMEs don't want to ring the expensive consultants for all these changes. Odoo allows you to truly become independent by introducing   Odoo Studio , a customisation tool that works inside the system and makes it easy to modify the system without the need for consultants.  

ERP Systems We Support


The leading open source ERP Software

Odoo is a business management software including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management for small and mid size businesses. Our ERP Consulting on Odoo is backed by our ten years of industry experience using Odoo in various projects.

 More Details on Odoo website


The market leader in enterprise application software

SAP S/4HANA is SAP's ERP for large enterprises. It is the successor of SAP R/3 and SAP ERP and is optimized for SAP's in-memory database SAP HANA.

 More Details on SAP Website 

Service Pricing

25 Hours

$3375 .00

  • Good for reviewing a few key issues or a general health check of your Odoo project
  • Remote Only
  • Can include customization  (Studio Only)
  • Access to HTC Helpdesk

50 Hours

$6500 .00

  • Good for getting us involved in complex issues or a involvement in your Odoo project
  • Onsite in Sydney* or Remote
  • Can include customization (Studio/Module)
  • Access to HTC Helpdesk

100 Hours

$ 12500 .00

  • Good for advanced apps and customization

  • Onsite in Sydney* or Remote
  • Can Include code review and development
  • Access to HTC Helpdesk

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