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Enjoy great rewards with our referral program.

Refer a new client and receive up to $1000 in VISA gift cards! 

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How to Participate

To participate in this Referral Program, simply enter referral details and your contact information in the form below. We will setup an appointment and if the business successfully becomes a client, you will be awarded a Visa gift card.

Details about our Referral Program:

  • This Referral Program is open to everyone*. 
    (*Terms & Conditions apply)

  • Businesses you introduce must be a prospective new client for High Tech Masterminds.

  • Your reward depends on the value of the new client's contract and is up to $1000.

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you make provided all other conditions are met.

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Terms and Conditions

The referral gift is not transferable or redeemable for cash. 

A successful referral is determined solely at the discretion of High Tech Masterminds.

The referral gift will be provided in the form of a Visa Gift Card. In the event that High Tech Masterminds is unable to procure a Visa Gift Card, for any reason, a gift of equal or greater value, subject to these same Terms and Conditions, will be provided. 

The value of the referral gift is dependent on the value of the resulting contract with the referred party and is determined entirely at the discretion of High Tech Masterminds. 

The Visa Gift Card (or other gift, if substituted) will have terms and conditions attached.

The maximum value of the referral gift is $1000 Australian Dollars. 

High Tech Masterminds is not liable for any lost, stolen, misplaced, or otherwise unusable referral gifts. 

High Tech Masterminds is not liable for any loss or damages (including, but not limited to, direct or consequential loss) incurred from the use of or possession of the referral gift or sustained in connection with the referral program or acceptance of the gift. 

High Tech Masterminds makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability, or merchantability of the gift. 

The referred business is eligible if all the following criteria are met:

  • The business must not be a current client of High Tech Masterminds.

  • The business must not have ever been a client of High Tech Masterminds.

  • The business must enter into a contract with High Tech Masterminds for the provision of software and/or services.

  • The business must have no relation to the referring party in any way as determined by High Tech Masterminds.

  • The business has never been referred to High Tech Masterminds previously.

  • The business is not currently and has not ever contacted High Tech Masterminds for the provision of goods and/or services.  

The referring party is eligible for the referral program provided they are not an employee or family member of an employee of High Tech Masterminds Pty Ltd or any of its subsidiaries.

The referred business and contact must be notified and have consented to their details being submitted to High Tech Masterminds under the Referral Program. The referring party will indemnify High Tech Masterminds for any loss or claim arising out of the referring party's failure to procure such consent. High Tech Masterminds is subject to all privacy laws applicable under the Australian Commonwealth, State, and/or Territory law. 

High Tech Masterminds agrees to contact the referring party via the contact information provided in the event of a successful referral. 

High Tech Masterminds accepts no responsibility for any variation in the value of the prize for reasons beyond its control. 

The referring party may refer multiple businesses provided all other criteria and terms are met.